Internet Crimes

Identity theft is a serious type of internet crime. It involves a person “stealing” information from another person in order to commit fraud. The type of information typically stolen includes names, credit card numbers, pin numbers, and social security numbers. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 9 million identities are stolen in the United States every year. This is a fairly common crime, and considered “white collar,” but that doesn’t mean it is dealt with lightly. Each state has different laws for the punishments for those who are convicted of identity theft. Some of those punishments are jail time and heavy fines in order to restore the victim the money that was stolen.

Internet identity theft can be performed through a number of avenues. Skimming is a process whereby a device is used when you are processing your credit card for a purchase. There is also a common practice called phishing. In phishing, a person will fake the identity of a reputable institution in order to get you to give them your information. This is true of many pop-up ads and emails. It is also considered identity theft to impersonate another company or individual to obtain information whether over the phone, email, or online forms. This is called pretexting, and it is a crime of identity theft.

If you have been charged with identity theft, you should be aware of how serious a crime it is. Such a serious crime needs serious representation. The extent of the punishment depends on the extent of the crime, how much money was stolen, etc. You absolutely need a criminal defense attorney if you find yourself in this situation. Atlanta is tough on criminal defense, so you need someone advocating for you to ensure that you get the representation you deserve.

Challenge the Penalties Against You

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