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    Jan 2020 – 8 counts of Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Possession of Firearm in Commission of a Felony, Criminal Trespass & Possession of Marijuana.  Faced 7 years on a probation violation in another county.  Reduced to Reckless Conduct – misdemeanor and the probation reinstated.
    Jan 2020 –  Aggravated Assault (Family Violence), Family Violence Battery and Obstruction of Officer.  Reduced to Disorderly Conduct.
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    Facing the criminal justice system should not be taken lightly. In fact, failing to apply the necessary methods of defense to your case could result in serious consequences for the defendant. Rather than risk the penalties of a conviction, you can instead turn to The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. where an experienced Atlanta criminal attorney is on hand to defend you against even the toughest charges. After an arrest, the legal security and personal support that you need in order to feel confident moving forward can be delivered to you without fail at Ms. Kim’s law firm. When you’re up against the legal system, there is no better place to turn for the defense that you need, because Attorney Kim and her professional team are committed to protecting your rights and defending your future. Skillful in her practice, and recognized among her peers, Ms. Kim will employ the latest, most effective methods of defense in order to ensure that her clients have the best chance of walking away free.

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    Atlanta Drug Lawyer

    If you have been arrested for or are under investigation by law enforcement in regard to any type of drug offense, now is the time to act and contact an attorney. Read More.

    Atlanta DUI Lawyer

    Attorney Judy Kim has a unique advantage when it comes to defending her clients charged with DUI with a unique perspective of the process. Read More.

    Violent Crimes

    Legal protection is available for the following crimes: Domestic Violence, Robbery, Assault, Murder, Firearms Offenses, Rape, Kidnapping and others. Read More.

    White Collar Crimes

    This includes; Embezzlement, Extortion, Bribery, Fraud, Money Laundering, Pyramid Schemes, Forgery, Insider Trading, Internet Crimes and others. Read More.

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    • Legal Guidance – Even at 12am!

      After headed out on a Saturday night a friend of mine was pulled over at 12am as his headlights were off (valet turned off the auto feature). As I do not live in the Atlanta area I quickly searched for attorneys who may be able to provide guidance in this situation. Judy personally answered my call at 12am and was able to provide support for us. Truly appreciate Judy and her dedication to her clients!

      Legal Guidance – Even at 12am!
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    • Judy Kim Saved My Life!

      By far the best attorney I’ve ever had. I ran into some serious trouble and was facing felony charges. I like most individuals asked friends and family for a good attorney so save me from doing some jail time. I then searched and started making my rounds calling different attorneys and taking notes about each one. Judy Kim seemed to be the most knowledgeable and well rounded of the bunch. I read reviews and had very mixed emotions until I spoke to her. She made me feel at ease and assured me that we could make these charges minimal and still be able to pick up the pieces and get my life back together.

      Judy Kim Saved My Life!
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    • Amazing lawyer!

      She got my felony dismissed. She is the best. Very professional and always responsive.

      Amazing lawyer!
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    • Excellent lawyer

      Thanks to Ms. Kim my marijuana case was dismissed! I will recommend all my friends to her.

      Excellent lawyer
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    • Excellent criminal lawyer!

      In September 2012 I was Honored to have Ms.J.J. Kim to represent me on a domestic violence case. She reviewed the case, explained how she could help me and proceeded to get the job done. The end result was….she followed through and did the job I hired her to do. That was all that mattered! Thank you Ms. Kim and would I hire you again? Absolutely!!!!!!

      Excellent Criminal Lawyer!
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    • AWESOME attorney!

      Judy is really the best. She knows her stuff, she made me feel confident and she definitely was the right choice. I would recommend her to anyone who needed a tough attorney who knows the law. Thanks, Judy!!!

      AWESOME attorney!
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    For more than a decade Altanta criminal defense lawyer Judy Kim has been defending individuals throughout the region who have been charged with a criminal offense. She has handled hundreds of cases in the Georgia defense system, and applies her knowledge and experience of the law when building and presenting strong and compelling cases in court.

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    At The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C., contacting an Atlanta criminal attorney is as easy as clicking a button. Day or night, defense attorney Judy Kim welcomes contact regarding potential cases. In fact, she makes herself available to her clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to ensure that they have access to the professional, legal support that they need, day in and day out. Named as a Rising Star  by Super Lawyers® magazine, the recognized lawyer is well-qualified to defend your case. Please fill out the form below if you would like to schedule a consultation with Atlanta’s premier criminal defender. Together, you and your attorney can review the aspects of your case and work to obtain any addition information that could be used as evidence when your case is brought to court.


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    Drug Crimes

    Charges may be filed against a person for any of a number of allegations involving controlled substances, whether illegal narcotics or prescription drugs. With extensive experience in handling these particular cases, Atlanta attorney Judy Kim helps clients accused of drug possession, possession with intent, marijuana offenses and much more. Read More

    Violent Crimes

    Violent crimes such as assault, manslaughter and murder are some of the most serious crimes that a person may be accused of committing, typically involving imprisonment in state prison. A felony conviction for a violent crime may also seriously hinder one’s employment and educational opportunities. Read More

    Federal Crimes

    There are particular instances where a defendant may face investigation by the FBI, ICE, DEA or other federal agency and criminal charges in federal court. These cases must be handled with the utmost care and tenacity to reach successful outcomes. Read More

    Bench Warrant

    A bench warrant may be issued when a person fails to appear in court, fails to pay a fine or otherwise violates a court order. This type of warrant allows for the immediate arrest of the individual. Read More

    Domestic Violence

    When violence occurs between members of the same household, it may be referred to as domestic violence. Cases of this kind are taken very seriously by law enforcement in Atlanta, and a defendant may be in danger of imprisonment, loss of child custody and other harsh penalties if found guilty. Read More


    As one of the most frequently charged crimes in Atlanta, DUI defense is an important part of the firm’s practice. In addition to representing clients in court, Attorney Kim handles DMV hearings to save clients from license suspension. The goal is to help you avoid any and all DUI Penalties. Read More


    Potentially a state or federal offense, forgery involves altering, creating or using false documents. Usually committed for financial gain, forgery may involve such documents as ID cards, security clearance cards, credit cards, legal documents, driver’s licenses, personal checks and more. Read More


    Intentionally deceiving another person or persons with the intent of unlawfully obtaining property, goods or services may constitute the criminal offense of fraud. There are a number of different types of fraud, and a defendant may face federal charges in some cases. Read More

    Hit & Run

    By law, drivers who are involved in auto accidents – even ones they did not personally cause – are required to remain at the scene to exchange driver and insurance information with the other parties involved. They should also render aid if possible. The failure to do so may result in charges for hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident. Read More

    Internet Crimes

    Countless financial and business transactions occur over the internet every single day, and this has increased the incidents of internet crimes and state and federal law enforcement agencies’ efforts to put an end to these practices. Read More

    Juvenile Crimes

    Minors are subject to a different legal system than adults. The juvenile court system has its own set of personnel, rules and procedures that should be fully understood in order for your attorney to properly handle your child’s case. Read More


    Crimes are classified as misdemeanors or felonies in accordance with the potential penalties that may be imposed upon a conviction. Felonies are the more serious of the two and may be punishable by imprisonment in state prison for at least one year and a fine of at least $1,000. Certain felonies are punishable by life imprisonment. Read More


    Although misdemeanors are less serious than felony offenses, a defendant may still face up to one year in county jail and fines if convicted. Community service, driver’s license suspension and probation are other potential consequences of a misdemeanor conviction in Atlanta, GA. Read More

    Parole Violations

    A defendant who has been released on parole must abide by specific conditions. Allegations of a violation of parole, such as failing a drug test or associating with known criminals, may put the defendant at risk of being sent back to jail or prison. Read More

    Probation Violations

    At times, a defendant’s jail sentence will be suspended and he or she will be granted probation. To remain on probation in lieu of jail time, the defendant must follow certain rules and guidelines or risk having probation revoked and being sent to jail. Read More

    Resisting Arrest

    A defendant may face charges for resisting arrest if accused of interfering with an officer’s attempt to make an arrest. This may include physically resisting as well as running away or providing an officer with false information to avoid arrest. Read More

    Sex Crimes

    Accusations of a sex crime may have serious consequences beyond charges and a conviction. A person accused of a sex offense, particularly one involving a child, may face a ruined reputation and career, destroyed personal relationships and more. Loss of custody may be another issue of concern. Read More


    Shoplifting, or retail theft, is one of the lesser theft crimes that a person may be accused of committing. Depending on the value of property involved, however, a defendant may face felony charges for shoplifting as well as harsh penalties. Read More

    Bail Bond Hearings

    A person who is arrested and charged with a crime has the right to a bail bond hearing to determine the amount of bail that will need to be paid for the defendant to be released. In some cases, bail will not be allowed or a defendant may be released without bail, on his or her own recognizance. Read More

    Stalking Crimes

    Following, watching or contacting another person with the intent of harassing or intimidating that person may constitute stalking under Georgia Code. In the face of stalking charges, it is important to work with an attorney who will fight to protect you from a conviction. Read More

    Theft Crimes

    Theft is best defined as taking another’s property without consent. It may be committed by force or in a hidden or deceptive manner. The penalties and other consequences of a theft crime conviction will vary, depending on the defendant’s record, the value of property involved and various other factors. Read More

    Weapon Offenses

    Weapon offenses may include unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon, possession of an illegal weapon, unlawful sale or distribution of a weapon, or the use of a weapon in the commission of another crime. Read More

    White Collar Crimes

    White collar crimes include a broad range of offenses that are typically non-violent theft crimes committed in a business, political or financial setting. Tax fraud, embezzlement and bribery are all examples of “white collar” offenses. Read More

    The action you take immediately after your arrest can be the most important decision you make regarding your criminal case. Severe penalties can stem from criminal accusations, making it crucial to avoid answering the questions of investigators and law enforcement officers without first contacting an attorney. Many people have mistakenly discussed their arrest and the circumstances surrounding it without an attorney present – an error they later regretted. The old adage, “everything you say can and will be used against you,” has proven to be true time and again. Therefore, it is vital that a defense lawyer is present during your questioning, ensuring that you do not damage your own defense case by unintentionally incriminating yourself.

    Your options may seem limited in the face of legal allegations, an arrest, or even a police investigation in the Atlanta area. Involving a lawyer as early in the process as possible can give your case the opportunity you deserve to successfully challenge your charges, and possibly avoid having formal charges filed against you altogether.

    Although the future may seem bleak, there is often something an attorney can do to positively impact your case. When you consider the serious and long-lasting repercussions that a conviction could have on your reputation, your freedom, and your future as a whole, it is easy to see why you should take every action possible to avoid such an outcome.

    No matter what type of charges you are facing, having a skilled and resourceful criminal defense attorney working on your behalf could significantly increase your chances of obtaining favorable results. Judy Kim is dedicated to providing high-quality defense to people who have been charged with a crime in Atlanta, Georgia. Criminal charges can result in serious penalties, but choosing to work with an attorney who can defend your rights can greatly bolster your case and the chance you have at obtaining a positive outcome.

    If you are currently facing criminal accusations there is absolutely no time to waste. The penalties of a conviction for a violent crime are severe – sometimes, life-altering. With a reputation for creative and hard-hitting legal assistance, Atlanta criminal defense attorney Judy Kim has shown that she has the know-how and the experience necessary to defend against allegations of every nature, from federal crimes to white collar crimes, and everything else. Day in and day out, Attorney Kim displays an unprecedented ability to defend her clients, and has shown that she can be relied upon in tough cases of litigation.

    Counties Served in Georgia by The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C.: Barrow County, Carroll County, Cherokee County, Clayton County, Cobb County, Coweta County, DeKalb County, Fayette County, Forsyth County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Henry County, Newton County, Paulding County, Rockdale County, Spalding County, Walton County

    The Law Office of Judy Kim is available to represent clients throughout the Atlanta area. In fact, residents from a number of different communities have reached out to the attorney for the professional advice and legal representation they need. The firm provides legal defense and representation in areas throughout the state. This makes it easy to turn to Attorney Judy Kim and her legal team for professional support when you need it most.

    By hiring a hard-hitting criminal attorney, you will be able to take the necessary steps toward protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom. At the Law Office of Judy Kim, you can rest assured knowing that a compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyer will be handling your legal matters. Attorney Judy Kim understands what you are going through, as well at what is at stake if you are found guilty. At the start of your case, she can review your options and discuss the details of the legal process with you at length. In the courtroom, she will fight hard to win your case, vigorously challenging the prosecution’s arguments.

    In your search for legal defense, you may quickly find that not all attorneys are created equal. Defense cases must be carefully built, and the evidence against you must be skillfully challenged in court. The prosecutor is expected to provide “burden of proof,” and when implemented correctly, expanding “reasonable doubt” in court can lead to a not-guilty verdict. The skill with which this is done is a pivotal aspect of any accusation. Both extremely capable and talented in the courtroom, Judy Kim is prepared to fight for you. You can be assured that you will have the legal representation you need when fighting to avoid conviction and the repercussions of being found guilty.

    Prosecutors in the Atlanta area are highly motivated to get a conviction; your guilt or innocence has very little to do with their intention to convict. They carefully keep track of their “conviction percentage,” as this could lead to a high-paying, private sector job in the future. You are at serious risk when entering the criminal justice system and, as such, you need a strong defender to fight for you from the moment after your arrest all the way through to the completion of your case. Having a highly motivated and powerful defense lawyer to fight for your rights from the outset of the case is crucial to obtaining a favorable outcome. You need a defense team that cares about your rights as much as the prosecutor cares about adding to their conviction record.

    Regardless of the complexities or difficulties involved in your case, Judy Kim is here for you. The experienced attorney can skillfully guide you through the legal process and vigorously defend you against even the most aggressive prosecutors. No matter what your situation, you need skilled defense on your side. In essence, you need Attorney Judy Kim. She has what it takes to successfully fight your charges and will work tirelessly to ensure that you are not found guilty in court. To set up a consultation, please contact The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. at (404) 839-2300. Judy Kim is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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