Dissecting Your Charges

Any actions involving the threat of violence or the harmful physical contact against another can be very severely prosecuted. The two words are often used together but they are actually two different acts:

Assault – this is considered to have occurred when a harmful threat against another has taken place. It generally includes the creation or instillation of fear or intimidation along with the very real possibility that actual force could be used against one. In some cases a charge of assault would be when a highly offensive act was done against a person.

Battery – there is a line which when crossed makes an act into battery. This is the use of physical force, some type of contact. The contact could be of an offensive nature and so would not necessarily have to cause physical harm. An angry verbal attack would be considered assault but should physical contact, such as a shove, take place then battery could be charged as well.

While there can be many areas of grey and misunderstandings behind assault and battery charges it is critical that you do not delay in seeking legal help from an attorney. In addition there are elements such as the presence of children or a pregnancy situation that can lead to deeper complications. Should a weapon such as a knife or gun be a part of the threat then the law considers this to be aggravated assault which carries stiffer penalties and the possibility of longer sentences.

In many cases the incident was self-defense, or there were other circumstances involved that could lead to a reduced or dismissed charge with fast action taken on your behalf. For this reason, defendants who have been accused of this type of violent offense should immediately seek the advice of a skilled legal representative. Consulting with an Atlanta criminal lawyer at The Law Office of Judy Kim could be your ticket to freedom.

Fighting Assault and Battery Charges

These are serious crimes and can make for very complicated cases. These require the expertise of a legal professional that is very familiar in this precise zone of legal practice not simply criminal defense in general. What might have been construed as assault and battery may not be supported by the evidence or the witness’s testimony. A seasoned attorney will know exactly what to look for and can find the right elements to build your proper defense. If you have been accused of assault and/or battery you could be facing jail time and heavy fines. Don’t delay in getting the legal help that you need. Contact the firm to set up a meeting as soon as possible.