If you have been charged with a weapons offense, you need to hire an experienced attorney who has handled cases involving state and federal gun crime laws. Attorney Judy Kim has successfully defended numerous clients charge with violating state and federal weapons laws, and can help you fight your criminal charges in court. If you have been charge with a weapons offense, she will dedicate herself to protecting your rights and clearing your good name. Contacting the Atlanta criminal lawyer is as easy as picking up the phone, so don’t wait to reach out to The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. for the legal defense you deserve.

Types of Weapons Offenses

The majority of weapons offenses in the state of Georgia are committed with firearms, knives, and metal knuckles. However, a criminal act will be tried as weapons offense if it is committed with any object that could be considered or used as a weapon. The following is a list of common weapons offenses in the state of Georgia:

  • Possession of a weapon by a convicted felon
  • Possession of a concealed weapon
  • Possession of a loaded weapon
  • Possession of weapon to commit a crime
  • Possessing stolen weapons
  • Carrying or possessing a weapon without a license
  • Possession of an illegal weapons (sawed-off shotguns, sawed-off rifles, machine guns, silencers, rocket launchers, bazookas, recoilless rifles, non-explosive rockets, mortars, etc.)
  • Unlawful sale of a weapon
  • Unlawful possession or use of a weapon on federal property
  • Pointing or aiming a unloaded or loaded weapon at another person
  • “Straw Purchases” (buying a weapon on behalf of someone else)
  • Weapons trafficking
  • Failure to register a weapon

If you are convicted of any of these types of crimes you will face serious legal repercussions. These penalties may include heavy fines of up to $1,000, probation, a mark on your permanent record, and incarceration in jail or prison for up to five years. These penalties may be enhanced if you have already been convicted of felony, or if you used a weapon to carry out a crime.

The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C.

If you have been charged with a weapons offense, you need to hire an attorney with the legal resources, knowledge, and experience to protect your freedom and fight for best interest. Atlanta criminal attorney Judy Kim has devoted the past 11 years to defending the rights of individuals accused of weapons violations in the Atlanta-metropolitan area, and knows effective methods for building a strong defense case against these types of charges. She is prepared to handle any misdemeanor or felony weapons crime case, and is not afraid to challenge tough and aggressive prosecutors looking to put her clients in jail. When you contact an Atlanta criminal defense attorney from the firm, you first consultation will be provided completely free of charge.