Criminal homicide is one of the most severe and damaging criminal charges with which a person can be charged. In the state of Georgia, homicide is split into two separate categories – murder and manslaughter. If you are facing criminal charges of this nature, you do not have a moment to lose, immediate and proactive steps need to be taken to help defend your legal rights.

According to the 2010 Georgia Code, §16-5-1, murder is defined as the knowing and willful taking of life. Unlike manslaughter, there is premeditation when concerning murder and there is malicious intent. This “expressed malice” plays a large role in many criminal cases pertaining to murder, as it is the clear intention of committing homicide. If you’re facing murder allegations in Georgia, an Atlanta criminal defense attorney should be contacted immediately. Only with the right defense do you stand a chance of avoiding conviction altogether.

To be criminally charged with murder, the defendant must have no outwards signs of having been provoked, must have clear intent to have committed the murder and must have the actions that can be derived as the manifestation of a “malignant heart.” As courts view this crime so ruthlessly, the penalties for this felony are similar in severity. If convicted, a defendant will be facing either punishment by death, or imprisonment for life with or without parole.

Defending Against Murder Charges

Just because you have been criminally charged with a violent crime such as murder does not mean that you are convicted. Surely, the circumstances are dire, but by no means is the situation without hope. Having a hard-hitting criminal defense attorney will be of the utmost importance at a time such as this, and should be a resource that you utilize immediately. An experienced lawyer will know the steps to take and will know the resources to utilize in the effort to build your case.

Many defenses will be considered in the attempt to clear your name. For example, do you have an alibi? If it can be determined that you were in a completely different location at the time of the murder, this is a solid foundation upon which an attorney can build a case. Corroborating an alibi is an extremely important step; having testimony and witnesses to your whereabouts will add considerable weight to your overall case.

At The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C., attorney Judy Kim also recognizes the importance of calling upon expert testimonial to help build your case. To properly defend against these charges, there must be a way to raise reasonable doubt. No matter if this is in the form of an alibi, if you are seeking to reduce charges by attempting to prove that the alleged victim provoked you to action, or even if you are looking to establish that you were acting in self-defense, all evidence, witnesses and testimonial will be used to help obtain your desirable result.