The criminal justice system in Georgia is tough, especially when it comes to addressing the indiscretions associated with domestic violence. Therefore, enlisting the support of an

Atlanta criminal defense attorney

      from The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. is of the utmost importance following an arrest for charges of this nature.

Penalties for Spousal Abuse

Allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously in Atlanta, whether they pertain to the abuse of a spouse or they are connected to the mistreatment of a child. Whatever the accusation might be, there is good reason to believe that if a law enforcement officer is called to the scene, an arrest will be made. Given the severity of the claim, domestic violence allegations almost always result in legal charges being pressed, whether or not substantial evidence for the claim exists. Law enforcement officers are simply unwilling to take any chances when it comes to claims of this degree, making arrests and charges at even the slightest hint of an allegation.

Typically, domestic violence charges are penalized by jail time, probation sentences, restraining orders, enforced counseling / anger management, and monetary fines. When children are involved, the parent who is convicted could risk losing their custody or visitation rights as well. Unfortunately, the consequences of a conviction do not take into account the idea that a false allegation might have been made. The same is true of law enforcement officers who make an arrest. Given the circumstances, evidence is often one of the last things to be considered before an arrest is made. Instead, officers are inclined to make an arrest that is based purely on the accusation that was made, whether or not there is evidence to the contrary. For this reason, it is imperative that a skilled criminal lawyer be acquired as quickly as possible.

Classifying Domestic Violence Charges

Broad in its scope, any number of criminal allegations could result in domestic violence charges. Generally, when a law enforcement officer is called to the scene and any one of the following accusations are made the accused person will be immediately taken to jail and booked on charges for one or more of these criminal behaviors:

      • Physical abuse
      • Sexual abuse
      • Verbal abuse
      • Psychological abuse
      • Economic abuse
      • Child abuse
      • Elder abuse
      • Spousal abuse
      • Assault and battery
      • Sexual assault
      • Threats
      • Stalking
      • Harassment
      • Restraining order violation

Law enforcement officers are trained to take immediate action when an accusation of any sort is made, regardless of the truth behind it. Therefore, defendants must take swift action in securing the right legal defender to represent them. Without a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side, you could be convicted of a domestic violence crime that you did not commit.

Why You Need a Defense Attorney

There is absolutely no time to waste after an accusation of domestic violence has been made. Even if you irrefutably maintain your innocence in the matter, you could still be booked on charges of spousal abuse, harassment, etc. In fact, innocent or not, you stand an infinitely better chance at escaping conviction if you are represented by a qualified defense lawyer who can skillfully represent you in court.

Many claims of spousal abuse, child abuse, and the like are made falsely. Afraid or angry, some people retaliate by making unfounded claims that could significantly damage the accused person’s reputation, not to mention permanently mark up their criminal record. If you feel that you were falsely accused of any type of domestic violence allegation, you should not wait to contact The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. Here, an experienced attorney with proven results can help you challenge the accusations that were made against you.