Atlanta Federal Crime Attorney

If you have been charged with a federal crime, you need to hire an attorney that has experience defending cases in federal court. Crimes of this nature are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and investigated by powerful agencies of the United States government, such as the FBI, Federal Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Agency, the IRS, or the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms—to name a few.

The power of the United States government is unmatched, and the government will utilize the extent of its power and resources to prosecute you under the fullest extent of the law. When faced with federal criminal charges, it’s important to hire an attorney with the resources, experience, training, and skill necessary to handle these types of cases. The Law Office of Judy Kim is well-qualified to handle these types of cases, and is not afraid to challenge the government to protect your rights and best interest.

What is a federal crime?

A crime will be considered a federal crime if the following holds true:

  • The crime occurred on federal property
  • The crime occurred in more than one state or across state lines
  • The crime is committed against a federal official
  • The crime is committed by some means of U.S. interstate commerce, such as crimes carried out by U.S. mail

Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Judy Kim has handled numerous criminal cases involving a variety of different types of federal crimes, such as:

  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Counterfeiting
  • Bribery
  • Tampering with U.S. Mail
  • Most White Collar Crimes
  • Tax Fraud
  • Property Crimes
  • Extortion
  • Espionage
  • Sexual Abuse Crimes
  • Child Pornography Crimes
  • Firearm Offenses
  • Major Drug Crimes
  • Murder, Manslaughter, Homicide
  • Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery, Armed Robbery, Bank Robbery
  • Computer Crimes
  • Counterintelligence, Espionage, Treason
  • Immigration Crimes
  • Arson, Bombing, Terrorism, Terrorist Threats
  • Import/Export Crimes

The penalties for these types of crimes are exceptionally harsh. Do not jeopardize your freedom by leaving yourself unprotected. You need an attorney on your side that has the experience and knowledge to competently and aggressively defend you against powerful prosecutors. Judy Kim has defended numerous individuals charged with a crime, and is very familiar with the best strategies for building effective defense cases. Contact The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. at (404) 839-2300 to learn more.


Information from an Atlanta Federal Crime Lawyer

Counterfeiting is a profitable business, and it is estimated that counterfeiting costs the United States around $200 billion every year. For this reason, federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI are cracking down on suspects.

Similar to forgery, the federal crime involves the creation of false replicas with the intention of passing them off as genuine.

Federal crimes such as counterfeiting are heavily prosecuted in courtrooms, and it is absolutely essential to have a strong defense attorney by your side who can defend your rights. If you have been accused of buying, selling, creating or distributed counterfeit goods or documents, call the Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. immediately. An Atlanta criminal attorney from

the firm is on hand to help you challenge the allegations that have been made against you.

Counterfeiting U.S. Currency

Title 18, Section 471 of the United States Code specifies that manufacturing counterfeit U.S. currency through any form of alteration is a federal violation that can be punished by fines and / or imprisonment. In the most severe cases, an offender’s term of imprisonment can extend up to 15 years. For this reason, it is essential that persons who have been accused of such a violation immediately seek legal defense.

Federal crimes of this nature are taken very seriously; so seriously, in fact, that any counterfeit manufacture that exceeds the amount of a five-cent U.S. coin is subject to penalty. Counterfeiting U.S. currency is penalized to the same degree of harshness no matter the amount of the counterfeit manufacture, even if the alteration was made in a denomination of less than a dollar.

Altercation of a genuine U.S. coin for the purpose of increasing its numismatic value is a direct violation of Title 18, Section 331 of the United States code. As such, offenders are subject to punishment of up to five years in prison, as well as additional fines for their indiscretions. Therefore, it is critical that a defense attorney be involved in the situation as quickly as possible.

Whether you are facing criminal charges for the manufacture or possession of U.S. currency, you could be facing serious penalties. If it can be proven that there existed fraudulent intent behind your possession, up to 15 years in prison can be spent for the violation of Title 18, Section 472 of the United State Code. Additional fines may be felt as well.

Counterfeiting Checks & Bonds

The act of counterfeiting is not exclusive to paper bills and metal coins. Checks and bonds can also be manipulated in order to increase their value. When a U.S. check is forged, altered or trafficked in any way, the act can be charged as a violation of Title 18, Section 510 of the United States Code. As a consequence, up to ten years could be spent in prison, and additional fines might be required of persons who are ultimately convicted for a crime of this nature.

Counterfeiting also extends to the printed reproduction of checks and bonds, as well as national paper currency and even postage stamps. This type of illicit reproduction directly violates Title 18, Section 474 of the United States Code, and as such, can be fined and punished by up to 15 years of prison time. The federal government has taken great care to acutely define the many ways that counterfeiting crimes can be charged, which makes it crucial that defendants seek the legal representation of a defense attorney who can just as acutely build a defense on the defendant’s behalf.

Legal Help When You Need It Most

By hiring a hard-hitting attorney, you will have the best chance at avoiding the serious and life-changing penalties of a conviction. The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. is highly skilled at handling the different types of charges that may arise, and the firm can help you build a strong defense against your charges. The penalties for being convicted of selling counterfeit goods is a serious crime that can result in up to seven years in prison, and the penalties increase dramatically for counterfeiting goods valued at more than $100,000.

When you choose to work with the firm, you can be confident that you have hired a compassionate, experienced and dedicated defense lawyer. At The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C., your defense attorney will never give up on your case simply because it is challenging. Instead, a professional from the firm will fight tirelessly to help you achieve reduced or dismissed charges.

Atlanta Embezzlement Lawyer

Do you know why you were charged?

Legally speaking, embezzlement is defined at the fraudulent alteration of a person’s property by another person who holds a position of trust. Most often, these trust holders are professionals such as agents, bank employees, etc., and the property they convert is recognized as anything of value, i.e. money, land, personal belongings, chattels, etc.

According to the United States Code §641, a person who is found guilty of embezzlement could be imprisoned for up to ten years, and they could be facing serious fines as well. The penalties, however, differ depending on the amount that was stolen, and additional aggravating factors could factor into the consequences of a conviction as well.

The punishments for embezzlement are subject to enhancement if it can be proven that the federal crime was committed by a bank examiner, court officer, or in connection with health care. If you’ve been accused of embezzlement, waste no time in seeking the experienced defense that can be found from an Atlanta criminal attorney at The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C.

Defense for the Statutory Offense

Although embezzlement is a federal crime, it varies slightly by definition and punishment depending on the statute under which it is being governed. There are, however, elements to embezzlement that can be found within all statutes that govern the criminal behavior. Generally, a person will only be charged and subsequently convicted for a crime of embezzlement if the following can be proven:

  • The defendant willfully – not by mistake – converted another person’s property without claim of right.
  • The conversion created a significant interference with the owner’s lawful right to control said property.
  • The property is personal, whether tangible or intangible. Real property is not included.
  • The embezzlement was not committed by the actual owner of the property (a person cannot embezzle their own property).
  • The defendant, i.e. embezzler, lawfully held possession of the property at the time that the conversion was made. Custody does not constitute as a crime of embezzlement.

Aggressive Defense for Your Case

The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. is a criminal defense law firm dedicated to serving clients who have been accused of a crime in Atlanta or one of its surrounding areas. With more than a decade of professional legal experience, the firm’s lead attorney, Ms. Judy Kim, is well-equipped to handle the tough cases that present themselves, including those involving federal criminal charges for embezzlement. If you are expected to appear in court,

Espionage Lawyer in Atlanta

Accusations of Spying

The definition of espionage is obtaining confidential government information and illegally giving it to another individual, organization, or government. Although this can also involve businesses, but under 18 U.S.C. § 793 it is limited to government matters, namely national defense. This law states that anyone who intentionally obtains information for the purpose of sharing it with other entities will be punished by prison and fines. This is considered treason against the United States and the maximum punishment can be brought against those who were convicted.

Economic espionage is also a federal offense. Under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, it is illegal to obtain and sell trade secrets. You can be punished with up to 15 years in prison as well as be fined up to half a million dollars. If some kind of organization was guilty of spying or stealing trade secrets, they could be fined up to $10 million. Avoid penalties of this degree by contacting an Atlanta criminal defense attorney in your area.

How can an attorney help?

If you suspect that you are under investigation for espionage or stealing trade secrets, please do no waste any time in contacting a lawyer from the team at The Law Office of Judy Kim, PC. Any federal offense is serious and can lead to time in state prison. The firm has experience in defending cases of RICO, firearm offenses, mail and wire fraud,counterfeiting, and much more.

You can be 100% confident that they have the skill and experience necessary to help you. Federal crimes are more complex and serious as they will be investigated by government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. From the initial arrest to the trial, you will need a strong advocate on your side who has experience in this area of law.

Atlanta Extortion Attorney

What do your charges mean?

Also known as blackmail, extortion is a crime involving the gaining of money through force or threats. “Protection” is another form of extortion. This involves refraining from doing some harm to the victim in exchange for money or another commodity. This type of crime is common in organized crime activities and threats of violence or a promise to abstain from violence is enough to constitute extortion. Under federal law, it can be committed with or without violence and with or without a deadly weapon. There are three kinds of threats that offenders can use in order to commit this type of criminal offense. The first is through violence or threats of violence. The second is through property damage and the third is through damage to their reputation. Lastly, they could threaten some kind of unfavorable government action.

Extortion is similar to blackmail in that the offender could promise to not reveal compromising information or pictures regarding the individual for a sum of money. When these crimes are committed across state lines, for example through the phone or internet, it would be a federal crime rather than a state offense. The penalties for extortion differ depending on how serious the crime was. However, it could include years in prison, restitution to the victim, fines, and community service. You could be able to avoid these penalties, however. With the help of an Atlanta criminal lawyer such as Judy Kim, effective defense tactics can be employed on your behalf.

The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C.: Defense You Can Rely On

Have you been accused of this serious federal crime? You should contact a member of the team at the Law Office of Judy Kim, PC. An attorney could fight for your rights and seek to secure you justice. The firm has years of experience in this area of law and will fight tirelessly to defend you. For a free consultation to discuss your case, contact the office today.

Federal Drug Crime Attorney in Atlanta

In some instances, drug crimes deemed especially severe (for example, ones that cross state lines) are categorized as “federal” drug crimes. These crimes are prosecuted differently and often result in worse penalties for offenders. Federal crimes can actually be prosecuted under federal law, state law or both. What are examples of federal drug crimes?

Possession of large amounts of drugs and trafficking drugs are both considered federal offenses. Federal law prohibits the manufacturing, distribution and possession with the intent to distribute of several substances including heroin, LSD, marijuana, PCP, ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamine. Trafficking is the “manufacturing, distributing or possessing with the intent to distribute illicit drugs.”

Why are some crimes prosecuted on a federal level?

Before prosecuting at a federal level, often the nature and quantity of the substance involved will be examined as well as the presence of sentence-enhancing factors (for example, does the defendant have a history of drug possession or trafficking? Did the offense cause injury? Was the offense carried out with weapons? Did the offense occur in a protected zone such as a school?) The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) handles the federal controlled substances laws and regulations.

There are many factors that can result in an offender ending up in the federal system. The first is to get arrested by a federal officer. Another way is if someone, seeking leniency, informs on you. Also, even a person apprehended by state officials could end up in the federal system if state and federal prosecutors make a deal. There is no appeal if a case is handed over to federal authorities. For this reason, you need to take legal action as soon as possible. Contact an Atlanta criminal lawyer at The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. now.

Are the penalties for federal drug crimes worse?

When it comes to sentencing, judges have mandatory minimum and maximum sentences they can impose. An individual can face a minimum sentence of 5, 10 or 20 years depending on the quantity of drugs involved and an individual’s previous criminal record. Some federal drug crimes even carry the threat of life imprisonment. Often, a federal drug crime offender can even be held without bail.

In the case of a federal drug crime, property is often seized by the government- from land to bank accounts to vehicles to houses and other assets. Because agents use equipment such as surveillance and wiretaps and often have informants assisting them, they can present a pretty formidable case against drug traffickers or possessors.

Why is it vital for a defendant to seek legal representation?

Because the stakes are high, the prosecution is intense and the laws are different, it is imperative that you secure the right legal defense on your side. A person who is charged with a federal drug crime, needs representation by an attorney who is specifically experienced with both state and federal drug laws. Don’t place your future in the hands of a lawyer who is less than the best.

Federal drug charges are some of the most fearsome allegations an individual can face, but the good news is that you don’t have to face these allegations alone and you don’t have to face them with a substandard legal defense. Attorney Judy Kim has been named a Rising Starâ„  Super Lawyer™ and is the hard-hitting advocate you want to secure on your side. Contact a federal crime attorney at The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. to get the representation you deserve!


Drug Possession as a Federal Crime

Do you need an Atlanta federal crime lawyer?

When you think of the phrase “drug possession” it is easy to think that this is lower on the totem pole than manufacturing or trafficking drugs. But think again. Federal and state drug possession laws make it a crime to possess illegal substances- such as LSD, marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin- and this charge comes with severe penalties too, if it is prosecuted on a federal level (possession of a controlled substance is a federal criminal offense under Title 21, United States Code, §844). With such severe penalties, it is absolutely critical that you secure the defensive tactics of an Atlanta criminal attorney from The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C.

Penalties for Federal Drug Crimes

If a drug possession charge is prosecuted on a federal level, an offender could face any of the following consequences:

  • A first-time conviction of possession of drugs can result in one year in prison and up to a $100,000 fine
  • A second conviction of possession of drugs can result in a two years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine
  • A third conviction can result in three years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine

In the instance of crack cocaine, these penalties can be even worse, especially if an individual was in possession of a large quantity of cocaine. If the offense is punishable by more than one year in prison, vehicles, boats, aircraft and any property that facilitated the crime can be seized. If convicted of drug possession, an individual can lose benefits such as the ability to receive loans and grants, sign contracts or operate a professional and commercial license (can be denied up to 5 years for second and subsequent offenses). Federal agencies can also deny licenses such as pilot licenses or public housing tenancy based upon their discretion.

Proving that the Defendant is Innocent vs. Guilty

Drug possession laws vary according to drug type, amount and geographic area where the offense occurred. If a small amount was possessed, an individual might only be charged with “simple possession” whereas if a large amount was possessed an individual could face charges such as “possession with intent to distribute.”

Possession is the most common drug charge. In order to prove that an individual was in possession of drugs, all that the government has to prove is that the individual knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance, the individual did not have a valid prescription, and that the quantity was sufficient for personal use or sale.

An individual can be charged with possession even if drugs weren’t found on his/her person- the discovery of drugs in someone’s car, house or locker can be enough to convict that person of drug possession. The government does not have to prove that the defendant is taking the drugs in order to convict him/her of possession. Besides actual drug possession, being in the possession of drug paraphernalia (syringes, cocaine pipes, scales, etc.) is also a crime.

Defenses for Individuals Accused of Drug Possession

If you have been charged with drug possession, don’t lose all hope. Often police officers violate individuals’ Fourth Amendment rights when securing evidence that proves that they were in the possession of drugs. If a criminal defense team can prove that a police officer conducted an unlawful search or seizure that evidence will then be dismissed in court.

If you crossed state lines while in possession of drugs, there is a good chance you will be prosecuted on a federal level. Congress made possession of drugs a federal crime, providing that the drugs “have a substantial and direct effect upon interstate commerce.” It is a federal offense if the drug possession took place in a national park, on federal land or onboard an airplane. Possession of illegal drugs is a crime that often comes with severe state and federal penalties. If you are facing a possession of drugs charge, contact Attorney Judy Kim immediately to get the aggressive representation you need on your side.

Atlanta Drug Trafficking Lawyer

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) prohibits unauthorized manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing of controlled substances. Drug trafficking is one of the most serious drug crimes as it often involves large amounts of drugs, crossing state borders and heavy distribution. Drug trafficking laws penalize the selling, transportation and importing of an unlawful controlled substance- such as LSD, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. After a drug is cultivated or manufactured, trafficking is when it is then distributed, sold, transported, imported or exported across state or international borders.

What factors affect penalties?

The severity of the penalties depends upon the types of drugs, the amount of drugs, the weight of evidence proving a large-scale ring (large amounts of cash, cell phones, weapons, scales and measuring devices), your criminal record, whether anyone was injured or killed, whether any minor person was involved in the trafficking, whether you are an adult or a minor, the states or international borders that you crossed and whether or not the drugs were distributed to minors or at schools could significantly impact your case. With the help of criminal defense attorney Judy Kim, however, you stand a much better chance at escaping conviction.

There are more than 40 offense levels for drug charges and the higher the offense level the worse the sentence will be. It can be difficult to navigate through a drug trafficking case as a federal prosecutor might offer you a plea bargain. The important thing is that you not discuss the details surrounding your case with police officers until you speak with an attorney. You have the constitutional right to remain silent, be given a fair trial and to be declared innocent unless proven guilty. The following amounts trigger mandatory minimum sentences:

  • Cocaine (powder): 500 grams or more
  • Heroin: 100 grams or more
  • Marijuana: 100 kilograms (220 lbs.), or 100 plants, or more
  • Methamphetamine: 50 grams or more

Common Penalties

Drug trafficking charges can result in a person facing millions of dollars’ worth of fines and a prison sentence that could be a decade long, or sometimes lifetime duration. Drug trafficking penalties can include the following:

  • Marijuana trafficking: fines can be up to $200,000 and a prison sentence can be up to 15 years
  • Cocaine trafficking: fines can be up to $250,000 and a prison sentence can be up to lifetime
  • Heroin trafficking: fines can be up to $500,000 and a prison sentence can be up to 25 years
  • Oxycodone, Hydrocodine, Morphine, Opium and Hydromorphone trafficking: a prison sentence can be up to lifetime
  • Phenycyclidine trafficking: a prison sentence can be up to 15 years
  • Methaqualone trafficking: a prison sentence can be up to 15 years
  • Amphetamine and Methamphetamine trafficking: a prison sentence can be up to 15 years
  • LSD trafficking: a prison sentence can be up to 15 years

Other drug trafficking penalties can include loss of rights and benefits, forfeiture of assets, and immigration consequences.

Why You Need an Attorney on Your Side

Being convicted of drug trafficking can destroy your present and your future, as it can not only result in hefty fines and a prison sentence, but can also result in you not being able to get the job you want, not being able to join the military and not being able to keep your college loans or receive food stamps.

When facing a federal trafficking charge, it is imperative that an individual realize the high stakes involved. A crime that could bring a year in state prison often results in a 10 year sentence on a federal level. Because of the large number of people affected by trafficking, drug traffickers are not let off the hook easily. If there is any drug trafficking allegation hanging over your head, do the right thing and don’t blow it off, but rather seek legal representation immediately!

Firearm Offenses

Atlanta Federal Crime Attorney Tells You What You Need to Know

Federal firearm offenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Possession of a firearm or ammunition by a convicted felon or drug addict, fugitive, illegal alien, or a person dishonorably discharged from the military 18 U.S.C. § 922(g) & (n)
  • Knowingly selling or giving ammunition or a firearm to a convicted felon or drug addict, fugitive, illegal alien, or a person dishonorably discharged from the military 18 U.S.C. § 922(d)
  • Using a firearm for the purpose of committing a violent crime or a drug trafficking crime 18 U.S.C. § 924(c)
  • Possession, concealment, sale, or disposal of stolen firearms and ammunition with knowledge or reason to believe the firearm or ammunition to be stolen 18 U.S.C. § 922(j)
  • Unauthorized possession or discharge of a firearm in a school zone 18 U.S.C. § 922(q)
  • Unlawful possession of a machinegun 18 U.S.C. § 922(o)
  • The sale or delivering of ammunition or a firearm to a minor 18 U.S.C. § 922(b)(1)

If you are facing federal criminal charges of any nature, especially those connected with a firearms offense, you need legal representation on your side. With the help of an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer you stand a much better chance of escaping the consequences that come with a conviction. Therefore, you should waste no time in contacting The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. for the help you need.

Experienced Defense for Your Case

If you are convicted, you could be sentenced to imprisonment or even graver punishment. Our firm understands how serious these charges are, but a defense lawyer may be able to help. It is vital that you have seasoned counsel on your side to ensure that your rights have not been violated. The Law Office of Judy Kim believes that no case is hopeless. Judy Kim leaves no stone unturned in studying her clients cases, so that they can be confident that they have the most comprehensive and thorough defense possible. Federal crime charges are complicated, and you need legal representation that will be an adamant and aggressive advocate on your behalf. Judy Kim is an experienced and knowledgeable defense lawyer who works unceasingly to protect her clients’ freedom.

Mail & Wire Fraud

You need an Atlanta federal crime attorney on your side!

Mail fraud encompasses checks, drugs, scams and anything else connected to illegal activity that is sent through the U.S. postal service or interstate mail carries. Wire fraud is illegal activity that occurs through electronic communications such as the computer, television or phone. It is a fraudulent plot that is committed for the purpose of receiving money or property. These charges are commonly imposed by federal prosecutors when they are unable to prove without reasonable doubt that the defended is guilty of any additional charges. If mail and wire fraud are used in addition to anther charge, it can move it from a state crime to a federal crime. Fraudulent activity can include any of the following:

Federal prosecutors will attempt to show that the defendant used various means such as electronic sources or the mail system to aid an illegal activity. A legal professional can employ their own investigation in preparation of aggressively defending a charge. Any indictment puts you at odds with the federal government and means you need more than just the average attorney to defend you. In fact, you should consider none other than Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Judy Kim for your legal representation. The experienced professional is well respected throughout the legal community and knows what it takes to effectively defend you against federal criminal charges in Georgia.

Choose The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C

An Atlanta criminal attorney has handled many types of federal charges over their years of experience and is exceptionally capable of taking on issues of this nature. They investigate the case of their clients to determine what pieces of evidence will prove their innocence. You may be required to stand before a jury in a court of law and they will be there alongside you to help you the whole way through. You need someone defending you who understands what is involved in all parts of the criminal defense process. An attorney from the Law Offices of Judy Kim, P.C. has the knowledge that it takes to thoroughly explore all aspects of a charge and determine the most direct way of disputing your case.

Federal Crime Attorney in Atlanta, GA

Persons who have been accused of money laundering are believed to be the culprits of the criminal concealment of a source of money that was illicitly obtained. Attorney Judy Kim, however, realizes that these accusations are sometimes made under false pretenses, thereby alleging an innocent person of federally criminal activity.

If you are under investigation for a money laundering crime, it is crucial to understand your rights and how to protect yourself in the event that you are charged with this serious federal crime. As such, it is wise to consult an experienced defense lawyer who can ensure that your rights are not being violated by federal investigators during the procedures that will inevitably follow the accusations that have been made against you.

Identifying Crimes of Money Laundering

Many individuals who are criminally accused of money laundering had no intent of committing this type of federal offense when they engaged in the behaviors that ultimately incriminated them. People can be easily misled or manipulated into engaging in criminal activity for which they would otherwise not have been involved. To help you understand why you were charged for money laundering, below is a breakdown of some of the most common violations that have been constituted as money laundering crimes:

Shell companies / trusts: shell companies and trusts that purposefully mask the true owner of their money.

Black salaries: companies that employee unregistered workers without a contract, yet proceed to pay them by salary.

Trade-based laundering: invoices that are undervalued or overvalued for the purpose of disguising money movement.

Round-tripping: using a controlled foreign corporation offshore to deposit money. Typically, these corporations exist in tax havens where records are minimal kept. The money is then shipped back to the U.S. as a Foreign Direct Investment that is exempt from taxation.

Structuring: breaking cash into smaller sums of money in order to avoid possible suspicion of money laundering. In tangent with structuring is the act of using small amounts of cash to buy bearer instruments, i.e. money orders, which can then be deposited again into a smaller amount. Structuring is sometimes also referred to as “smurfing.”

While many more acts of money laundering exist, the aforementioned list describes those that are most commonly mistaken as legal activity. If you were charged with money laundering for any reason, it is wise to immediately involve an attorney.

The elements of money laundering that definitively make it a criminal act are laid out in the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, as well as the Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime. A skilled lawyer can help you dissect the aspects of your offense and build a strong case to use in your defense.

Fighting to Protect Your Rights

Money laundering charges are often linked to other crimes such as robbery, extortion, fraud or embezzlement. Individuals and organizations can both be charged with money laundering according to the 18 U.S.C. § 1956. These cases can be highly complex and the penalties for a conviction will partly depend on the criminal activity that led to the illegal obtainment of money. By securing the help of a defense lawyer early on in your case, you will have a far better chance of avoiding penalties such as jail time and costly fines.

Attorney Judy Kim has the resources to conduct an in-depth investigation into the charges that were brought against you, and she will not rest until any flaws or inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case have been found. Experienced in her craft, the Atlanta criminal defense lawyer has the resources needed to help you challenge even the most serious charges, and she will fight for your rights against seasoned federal prosecutors. You are urged to contact The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. for immediate legal attention from a professional whose defense tactics have been proven in court.

Atlanta Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

Defining the Offense

Have you been accused of flipping properties or double selling? There are numerous types of mortgage fraud that an individual can be accused of in Atlanta, and this federal crime is prosecuted heavily by federal investigators and prosecutors. Investigations for mortgage fraud are intensive and lengthy, and it is vitally important to have the help of an Atlanta defense attorney from the outset.

The right criminal defense attorney for your case will be able to examine the evidence in your case in order to combat the fraud charges brought against you. This requires an intensive knowledge of state and federal law, and a lawyer at the Law Office of Judy Kim has the expertise you need.

Trusted Defense Tactics for Your Case

Some of the most common types of mortgage fraud include false statements, property flipping, occupancy fraud and non-disclosure. You may also find yourself facing charges of this nature if you have signed a blank loan application or committed another fraud for profit in order to obtain a mortgage. Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Judy Kim is familiar with the defenses that can be erected against the different types of mortgage fraud charges, and she is dedicated to the tireless defense of every client’s rights.

Individuals who work in the banking or real estate industry are far more likely to be accused of mortgage fraud or to come under investigation for this type of crime. If you are convicted of mortgage fraud, the penalties that you suffer will depend on the value of the fraudulent mortgage and the number of actual incidents involved. Call The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. today to learn more about the specifics of your charges and what is at stake.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act

The RICO act gives the federal government great authority to go after those suspected. In order to be charged for the crime, two or more crimes need to have been committed within a 10 year period. Even before a conviction the government has the authority to seize assets. This is to prevent those accused of moving any of their assets around before the court has a chance to take them.

The RICO Act can hinder a defendant by taking away their financial power and is for the purpose of halting any future illegal activity from occurring. The charge will often come along with other types of charges, meaning additional penalties can be faced. A conviction can lead to any number of repercussions including prison, seizure of assets, fines, probation, house arrest, compensation to victims and more. You stand the best chance at avoiding this fate when you align yourself with an Atlanta criminal lawyer such as Judy Kim.

Defense Against Racketeering Charges

You may be forced to stand before a jury to defend yourself against a crime you didn’t commit or that you are being over penalized for. Factors such as the type of crime and the seriousness of it are taken into account but in order to avoid a sentencing it is imperative that you retain the services of The Law Offices of Judy Kim. If you are going to effectively fight a charge from the federal government you will need criminal defense from an attorney that is vastly experienced with successfully handling criminal charges.

Federal crimes are serious offenses and the failure to have a qualified attorney fighting for you can leave you susceptible to impositions from the government that not only harm you but can severely damage the life you know. The government is has a lot of power that is not always properly used. You need someone who knows what they are capable of and also knows how to defend you. To learn more about how The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. can be of service to you, contact an Atlanta federal crime attorney from the office.

Atlanta Tax Evasion Attorney

Tax evasion is the avoidance of paying taxes, either partially or fully, through the use of illegal means. As a result of tax evasion, the United States government loss an estimated $345 billion during the 2007 fiscal year. Tax evasion often involves a corporation or individual intentionally misreporting their income to the IRS. Income can be misrepresented in this way if it is underreported, deductions are inflated, or money is concealed in offshore accounts.

Sometimes, individuals commit tax evasion in an attempt to hide involvement in any illegal enterprises, and if they report this income as coming from a legal enterprise, they can be charged with money laundering. No matter what the reason behind your allegations of tax evasion might be, there is not denying the fact that you need legal representation to aid in your defense. Therefore, you should waste no time in contacting The Law Office of Judy, P.C. where an Atlanta criminal lawyer can be of help.

Penalties of Tax Evasion

For each year that a taxpayer fails to file a return they could be penalized with a fine of up to $25,000.00 and a prison sentence of up to one year. If the IRS determines that they can demonstrate that the taxpayer willfully failed to file to avoid taxation, they can pursue a felony conviction, which carries potential penalties of up to $100,000.00 in fines and five year maximum prison sentence.

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