Defining the Sex Crime

In today’s highly technological world, which includes easy access to the Internet and other sources of social media, the odds of committing a crime have substantially increased. This is particularly true when it comes to matters of sex crimes and all variations of the term. Among the acts which can get someone slapped with a criminal offense charge for sexual misbehavior include issues of child pornography. This term is used to describe an array of sexual behaviors involving children and anyone under the age of 18. From sexually abusive writings and images, to sexually explicit videos that include minors and/or young children, there are a number of circumstances which can lead to a criminal charge of sexual misconduct.

Child pornography often involves images of a sexual nature that include minors of all ages, from prepubescents, pubescents, and post-pubescents. These are often images that were generated on the computer, but they can also be found in other forms as well. You can be charged if you possess the sexual materials, view the sexual materials, and produce or distribute any of these materials. As such, law makers and enforcers have come to view the situation as extremely serious, and the punishments for child pornographers reflect this. Therefore, if you have been arrested and you are now facing charges of a sex crime such as that of child pornography, then you should not wait to contact an attorney who can take on all of the nuances of your particular case.

Internet Involvement

Many recent cases of child pornography busts include bugging internet searches so that task forces can be notified. Once there is a suspect in question, officers will obtain a warrant to search suspected computers for evidence. Child pornography can take on other forms as well, but in general, it includes images or films that depict children performing sexually explicit activities. This constitutes abuse and is a very serious charge because it involves a minor.

If you have been accused of the production, distribution or possession of child pornography, you need serious legal help to combat these charges. These charges are not dealt with lightly, which is why you need an advocate on your side that is fully prepared to handle internet crimes like child pornography. Task forces to combat child pornography extend all the way to the federal level with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. If you had an encounter with this task force or have been accused at the state or local level, you need to seek legal help immediately.

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When it comes to being arrested and charged with a crime, there is no good situation. However, there are ways in which you can make a bad situation better, and perhaps the most important of those is the lawyer with whom you choose to work. Finding a legal professional who possesses an aggressive skillset and comprehensive knowledge of the law is no easy feat. Nevertheless, it is one that must be undertaken in order to ensure that your best interests are adamantly defended throughout the process of pre-trial hearings, court proceedings, and post-decision happenings.

At The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. you will find nothing short of everything that you need in an Atlanta criminal defense attorney It is the goal of every law enforcement officer, judge, and jury panel to ensure that appropriate debts are paid by those who commit sexually inappropriate acts such as child pornography. You can bet that if you are facing charges of this nature, no one but your attorney will be sympathetic to your situation unless they can be made to believe so. For this reason, it is absolutely vital to the outcome of your case and the well-being of your future to see to it that you have nothing but the best legal defense on your side. From mere accusations, to arrests, or a court trial hearing, there is no question as to the support and defense that can be brought to your case when you align yourself with Attorney Judy Kim.