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Defending Your Rights

Facing the criminal justice system should not be taken lightly. In fact, failing to apply the necessary methods of defense to your case could result in serious consequences for the defendant. Rather than risk the penalties of a conviction, you can instead turn to The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. where an experienced Atlanta criminal attorney is on hand to defend you against even the toughest charges. After an arrest, the legal security and personal support that you need in order to feel confident moving forward can be delivered to you without fail at Ms. Kim's law firm. When you're up against the legal system, there is no better place to turn for the defense that you need, because Attorney Kim and her professional team are committed to protecting your rights and defending your future. Skillful in her practice, and recognized among her peers, Ms. Kim will employ the latest, most effective methods of defense in order to ensure that her clients have the best chance of walking away free.

Whether you are facing license suspension after an arrest for DUI or you are looking at felony charges, the action you take immediately after your arrest can be the most important decision you make regarding your case. Severe penalties can stem from criminal accusations, making it crucial to avoid answering the questions of investigators and law enforcement officers without first contacting an attorney. Many people have mistakenly discussed their arrest and the circumstances surrounding it without an attorney present – an error they later regretted. The old adage, "everything you say can and will be used against you," has proven to be true time and again. Therefore, it is vital that a defense lawyer is present during your questioning, ensuring that you do not damage your own defense case by unintentionally incriminating yourself.

Explanation of Your Legal Options

Your options may seem limited in the face of legal allegations, an arrest, or even a police investigation in the Atlanta area. Involving a lawyer as early in the process as possible can give your case the opportunity you deserve to successfully challenge your charges, and possibly avoid having formal charges filed against you altogether.

Although the future may seem bleak, there is often something an attorney can do to positively impact your case. When you consider the serious and long-lasting repercussions that a conviction could have on your reputation, your freedom, and your future as a whole, it is easy to see why you should take every action possible to avoid such an outcome.

Representation for the Accused in Atlanta

No matter what type of charges you are facing, having a skilled and resourceful defense attorney working on your behalf could significantly increase your chances of obtaining favorable results. If you were involved in a hit and run accident or have had your license suspended, an attorney can help. Judy Kim is dedicated to providing high-quality defense to people who have been charged with a crime in Atlanta. At her firm, clients can obtain legal counsel for many different types of offenses, including traffic violations, drug possession, and even theft. The attorney also represents cases involving bench warrants and DMV hearings. Criminal charges can result in serious penalties, but choosing to work with an attorney who can defend your rights can greatly bolster your case and the chance you have at obtaining a positive outcome.

A defendant may be charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense in state or federal court. A felony is the more serious of the two, with the maximum penalty for a felony conviction being life in prison or the death penalty. In addition to facing a minimum 1-year prison sentence and a $1,000 fine, a defendant who is convicted of a felony may lose their right to own a firearm, vote, or the ability to hold certain professional licenses. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to seek legal defense as quickly as possible. With the right attorney working on your behalf, you stand a much better chance of escaping conviction for underage DUI or anything else. The experienced law firm is well-versed in all aspects of criminal law, and can represent you during a bail bond hearing or any other type of case that is taken to court.

If you are currently facing criminal accusations for a violent crime, such as a weapons offense or an instance of domestic violence, there is absolutely no time to waste. The penalties of a conviction for a violent crime are severe – sometimes, life-altering. With a reputation for creative and hard-hitting legal assistance, Atlanta criminal defense attorney Judy Kim has shown that she has the know-how and the experience necessary to defend against allegations of every nature, from federal crimes to white collar crimes, and everything else. Day in and day out, Attorney Kim displays an unprecedented ability to defend her clients, and has shown that she can be relied upon in tough cases of litigation. From internet crimes to juvenile crimes and everything in between, the attorney's tenacious attitude and creative tactics can be put to work for you.

Courts Served by The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C.:

  • State Court of Barrow County
  • Carroll County Court
  • Cherokee County Court
  • Clayton County Court
  • Fulton Superior Court

The Law Office of Judy Kim is available to represent clients throughout the Atlanta area. In fact, residents from a number of different communities have reached out to the attorney for the professional advice and legal representation they need. The firm provides legal defense and representation in areas throughout the state. This makes it easy to turn to Attorney Judy Kim and her legal team for professional support when you need it most.

Arrested or under investigation?

Whether you have been formally charged or simply have reason to believe that you are under investigation, it is highly encouraged that you seek the legal counsel of a knowledgeable attorney. These cases are serious, and without the proper amount of assistance, you could find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. When you have this much on the line, you simply do not have the luxury to waste time.

You need to be confident that you are doing everything possible to obtain a just outcome to your case. By hiring a hard-hitting attorney, you will be able to take the necessary steps toward protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom. This is not the time to treat your future flippantly – you need to be sure that you are doing everything possible to proactively defend yourself. Hiring a lawyer that you can trust is critical to getting desirable results.

It's not uncommon for people to feel confused, overwhelmed, or frightened when faced with criminal allegations. You are probably worried you will go to jail or lose your rights. At the Law Office of Judy Kim, you can rest assured knowing that a compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyer will be handling your legal matters. Attorney Judy Kim understands what you are going through, as well at what is at stake if you are found guilty. At the start of your case, she can review your options and discuss the details of the legal process with you at length. In the courtroom, she will fight hard to win your case, vigorously challenging the prosecution's arguments.

In your search for legal defense, you may quickly find that not all attorneys are created equal. Defense cases must be carefully built, and the evidence against you must be skillfully challenged in court. The prosecutor is expected to provide "burden of proof," and when implemented correctly, expanding "reasonable doubt" in court can lead to a not-guilty verdict. The skill with which this is done is a pivotal aspect of any accusation. Both extremely capable and talented in the courtroom, Judy Kim is prepared to fight for you. You can be assured that you will have the legal representation you need when fighting to avoid conviction and the repercussions of being found guilty.

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Prosecutors in the Atlanta area are highly motivated to get a conviction; your guilt or innocence has very little to do with their intention to convict. They carefully keep track of their "conviction percentage," as this could lead to a high-paying, private sector job in the future. You are at serious risk when entering the criminal justice system and, as such, you need a strong defender to fight for you from the moment after your arrest all the way through to the completion of your case. Having a highly motivated and powerful defense lawyer to fight for your rights from the outset of the case is crucial to obtaining a favorable outcome. You need a defense team that cares about your rights as much as the prosecutor cares about adding to their conviction record.

Regardless of the complexities or difficulties involved in your case, Judy Kim is here for you. The experienced attorney can skillfully guide you through the legal process and vigorously defend you against even the most aggressive prosecutors. No matter what your situation, you need skilled defense on your side. In essence, you need Attorney Judy Kim. She has what it takes to successfully fight your charges and will work tirelessly to ensure that you are not found guilty in court. To set up a consultation, please contact The Law Office of Judy Kim, P.C. at (404) 839-2300. Judy Kim is available 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

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